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Review fromKimberley M.

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I love chocolate, but can’t have any with gluten or dairy. As someone who longingly stares at chocolate bars I can’t have at grocery checkout counters, finding the Rawthentic Chocolate vendor at the market was a very exciting food experience.

They offer samples of all their products, so you can get a taste of the more unique items that are all surprisingly delicious, although the names and mixin’s might initially throw you for a loop. My favorite is the plain bars; they are just so darn good.

I often walk away with 2 large bars, with the intent to savor them throughout the week. Let’s just say I never get too many days along before they are gone!


Photo of Laura P.

I purchased some Rawthentic for the first time at The Grainery on Agricola Street. The idea of chocolate treats with health benefits is undeniable for a choc-o-holic such as myself. And the purchase proved to be a good one…
Rawthentic is a smart brand that reaffirms the healthy side of a sweet tooth. It is made from raw caoco beans– the world’s #1 antioxidant– and proposes a lengthy list of health related perks. We Westerners are trained to associate chocolate as a no-no, but all in moderation, Chocolate is scientifically tested to be an aid for happiness, mood consistency, and the functioning of the heart and brain. Being smart with sweets can have its advantages.

Most importantly, the stuff is delicious. Its more bitter than your milk chocolate fix, but I’ve found my taste to become more acquired to the dark through time. Nowadays I am strictly a dark chocolate gal and have lost my taste for the milk chocolate mix.

Rawthentic is available at the market and The Grainery Co-op. (And likely other local places around the city as well!) Bars, balls, truffles, fudge, macaroons– its all about richness, but not at the cost of your health. Justified!


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  • Halifax, NS

My favorite here was the coconut chocolate, it was good, hard to believe it is actually good for you. Yes this is the Healthy Chocolate.

So you can eat without feeling any guilt.

There is several selections to choose from, the other one I liked was the Orange Chocolate. They do have samples however they disappear as fast as the girl can cut them.