A sweet testimonial…{Raw Chocolate in the Himalayas!}

February 2014
Dear Chandra,
I am writing this to thank you for being such a blessing to the universe in doing what you do! Your Rawthentic Chocolate booth at the Halifax Market is a weekly destination for us!
As I am a person very concious of the ‘energy’ surrounding the food we consume, your chocolate’s energy can be experienced and savoured in the first taste! Quite possibly the best chocolate I have ever tasted!
My daughter Vienna and I recently spent a month in Nepal and I cannot tell you how many times during our trip when we’d find ourselves without
heat or power or food forgetting we brought some of your chocolate – we’d dig deep into the recesses of our knapsacks to find a precious little brown bag with the contents of your chocolate – it was like finding gold!!
So in the remote mountains of the Himalayas, in a corner cafe in Kathmandu, and with some school children at a school my son was teaching at, we enjoyed YOUR chocolate!  It added to these moments! 🙂
Having enjoyed viewing magestic mountains with un-paralleled ‘raw’ beauty simutaneously enjoying your ‘raw’ chocolate – words just can’t express what a perfect mix of harmony and experience!
And unbeknowst to each other, we BOTH brought a ‘stash’ of your chocolate on our trip as we seemed to keep surprising each other thinking it was our last ‘little brown bag’ but we would find one more 🙂
I don’t have to tell you that finding your chocolate when not expecting it brings a whole new excitement to it!
Chandra please keep doing what you do!!  We so apprecitate YOU!
Brenda Stampeen